We provide high-quality service for all your pool care needs.


Core Values – Quality, Consistency, and Customer Service are paramount.

Our Pledge to you –  We always show up, never cut corners, and guarantee that by the end of the 1st month of our service, you’ll realize we’re the best pool service you’ve ever had.


We offer a variety of pricing plans to accommodate your pool care needs

Chemical Only



Chemical Only Service

Chemical Testing

Adding of Liquid Chlorine and Muriatic Acid (when necessary)

Empty Pump and Skimmer Basket

Equipment Check

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Standard Weekly

Includes ALL of Chemical Only PLUS:

Brushing of Walls and Tile



Removal of Debris

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Premium Weekly Service

Includes ALL Weekly Service PLUS:

Filter Cleans (up to 4x)

Yearly Algaecide Treatment ($120 value)

Algaecide & Phosphate Removers

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*All pricing is based upon a standard 15,000 gallon pool with pool sweep

*Filter cleaning pricing starts at $75

*Pricing will vary based upon size of pool, condition of water/equipment and debris in backyard. All pools are different and priced out individually. Prices listed are an average of our existing customers.


About Us-

Established in 2010, Affordable Pool Care is not your typical Pool Company. We grew weary of the pool service we received personally. They were lacking professionalism, knowledge, and consistency. We thought we could do it better, and we strive daily to do just that. Demand for quality pool service is so great that we opened up our 2nd location in Corona in 2017.

Are you sick of Pool Guys not showing up? Tired of a pool that is being treated like a hobby rather than a priority? Tired of a pool that is supposed to be crystal clear and is always murky? Guess what, you’ve come to the right place.

Does this sound familiar to you? We’ve found it’s the truth for most pool services. We believe that a pool service should be run like a real business.We always return your call, always show up when we’re supposed to, and most importantly, keep your pool looking amazing.

We believe our job is to manage and maintain your pool. Your job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Read our testimonials from clients who are getting the pool care you should be receiving.


We purchased our new house in July. It was a short sale and the owners had moved out leaving the pool without any service. When we came to move in, the pool had developed green and yellow algae. The pool looked horrible. We never had a pool before, so we went online looking for pool service. We decided to go with Affordable pool care because they had such great reviews. I’m glad we choose them because they are great. They turned our green pool back to its beautiful crystal blue color just in time for my daughter’s birthday party. APC’s tech’s are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They also send out weekly service reports so you know the status of your pool and that it is being serviced every week.  Also, you can pay online via PayPal which is very convenient. Look no further for pool service, Affordable Pool care is the way to go.
Jonathan E.Pool Care
The Affordable Pool Care team are awesome! They took over our pool service about 2 years ago. We had been experiencing issues with algae – turned out the previous pool service had been neglecting our pool. They knew right away what the issue was and immediately came up with a plan of action to bring our pool back to a clean, sparkly state. It’s obvious they know how to run their business and provide top customer service. They provide a “door-hanger” email after serving pool so we always know what was done or if we may need something extra done. They also provide the convenience of online payments. Matt is very knowledgable and approachable when we have questions. We highly recommend Affordable Pool Care!
Susan D.Pool Care
These guys do business the way business should be done.  Not only do they do an outstanding job at the core level of their trade they excel at Customer Service.
We live in Arizona but we had a house in Riverside that we needed to sell.  The house was vacant, and we worried about how to keep the pool presentable for prospective buyers, especially during the summer.  We contacted three other companies, but although they responded to our questions, no one really seemed interested.  Then we called Affordable and they blew us away.  They completely understood the issue, gave us an excellent price, and said they  could start taking care of the pool right away.
Over the months it took to sell the house the Affordable Pool Care team exceeded our expectations.  Not only did they take care of the pool (even took the time to come back on weekends and add water as needed!) but every week they sent us an email detailing exactly what he had done.  Affordable Pool Care even told us that they would let us know if they saw anything unusual that we should be aware of, such as problems with the backyard sprinklers or other issues.
All in all the experience we had with Affordable Pool Care was above and beyond.  We have no reservations about giving them the highest recommendation we possibly can.
Jack H.Pool Care
***DOG OWNERS***  He won over my two very protective German Shepherds and is the only person I feel comfortable entering my back yard without me home. He understands how to approach and handle pets (except for outdoor reptiles other than turtles… I don’t know that for a fact but let’s face it, there’s no excuse for having anything that creepy near a pool.) Did I mention he reclaimed beauty in our pool from a 3-week abandonment by our last pool guy? It went from Shrek’s swamp to ocean blue beautiful. Seriously, check him out. He does excellent/ honest work. Always shows up. Does a thorough job and communicates issues when he finds them. Billing is all invoiced online and can be paid online too and you receive an itemized email with details of what he did and the chemical levels. Does your pool service have that??
I didn’t think so. Close this review and start dialing. Tell him Jeff, Amanda (and the two German Shepherds) sent ya.
Jeff M.Pool Care